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As a full-service Chevy dealer, Chevrolet Demo has the right connections to assist buyers in finding the perfect vehicle to fit their business needs. We deal with Reading, Dejana, Knapheide, Morgan, Supreme, Fisher Plows, Line-X, and Rockport, and we are confident our up fitter contacts can do what is needed to make our customers' jobs easier.

We have an extensive lineup of work ready vehicles including the Express and City Express cargo vans and the popular Silverado 1500, 2500, and 3500, with the 4500 and 5500 HD coming soon. Chevy Demo's Truck Pros are all trained in assisting Business Choice and Fleet Accounts to ensure every discount and rebate is applied.

Not only do we pride ourselves on a great customer experience during the buying process, here at Chevrolet Demo we are also dedicated to assisting our buyers with service after the sale. This includes picking up and delivering your vehicle for routine maintenance and supplying a vehicle for use while your truck is in the shop for repairs if needed.

Drive in or dial (530) 894-0513 to see what Chevrolet Demo can do for you!

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